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Persian pop music (also known as Iranian pop music or Farsipop) refers to pop music with songs in the Persian language or other regional languages of Iran and Afghanistan. Although Persian pop music originated in Iran, it is also listened to throughout Tajikstan and Afghanistan, and notably by the Afghan and Iranian diaspora in America and Europe. The Golden Age of Persian Pop Music Persian pop music was developed by the 1970s, using indigenous instruments and forms and adding electric guitar and other imported characteristics; the most popular musician of this period was Googoosh. The Golden Age of Persian pop music did not last very long, though, and was banned within Iran after the 1979 revolution. Many Iranians fled to foreign countries, especially Los Angeles in the United States, and many continued to sing in exile. Many of the popular music TV, radio channels and websites operates outside Iran (aired through various satellites). These broadcast companies play a very important role in promoting and connecting Iranian pop artists to the Iranians all over the world.